From the H&A Chairman’s Desk : Dr Suhas Kate

We all are working in treacherous times due to the Corona pandemic and risk to our personal health has never been greater! We at AMC realized the need for additional health cover as the cost of hospitalization could be very high in the present situation. You may be aware that in case of a COVID admission the post of PPE and other disposables account for 60 to 70% of the bill in most cases who do not require any ICU or ventilator support. Even in the non covid admissions there is a significant cost towards disposables. This cost is not covered by any insurance policy at present, Hence H&A Cell of AMC has negotiated a proactive, versatile & utility based COVID19 policy for all AMC members with Oriental Insurance as our partners and Paramount as our TPA. This is a onetime policy.

For our existing Health and Policy holders it is a windfall as the Cell will take care of your premium and you are insured for top up sum of Rs 7 lakhs in excess of 3 lakhs. Non H&A cell members of AMC can also avail of the policy as a top up in excess of 3 lakhs of their present mediclaim. The premium is Rs 6500/- per person. The details of payment are given in the brochure below. Please scroll down for the Google form which you have to fill and details of our Health and Accident policy. We invite you to join our policy. From time to time we give unique benefits to our members and we always look forward to serving you.

I wish to extend my earnest thanks to Dr Suresh Rao- Advisor to the H & A cell & to
Ms Jyoti Shetty of Oriental Insurance and Dr Lalit Kapoor.

Wishing you all the very best

Dr Suhas Kate
Chairman H&A Cell
Dr Jayesh Shah
Convener H&A
Dr Smita Sharma
Co Convener H&A
Dr Deepak Baid
Dr Nillima
Hon Secretary

Please feel free to contact the above mentioned H & A Committee for any information or query

AMC Health & Accident Scheme 2020-2021
>> SUPER TOP UP SCHEME BROCHURE    Click here to view

Premium Rs 5200 /- PER PERSON (* Inclusive of GST) for new members on pro rata basis for Top up policy from 1st September 2020 to 31st May 2021. Payment to be done before 25th August 2020


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