Dear Friends, colleagues and fellow members,

As the President of the Association of Medical Consultants, Mumbai. I offer my humble thanks to each one of you in AMC for elevating me up to this podium and granting me the unprecedented privilege of serving you for a year As the President of AMC. I owe my presence on platform entirely to all of you.

For everything that you have bestowed on me- your trust, faith and belief- what can I say but- thank you.

I feel proud and privileged to have the opportunity to serve you and your interests for 365 days to come.

The dawn of each of these days will begin with a simple quest- what is it that my team and I can do to make things better for you, our members and through you for our patients, and our society?

Sometimes, it comes upon one man to make a difference.

It takes one lifeguard to save a person who is drowning.
But behind that lifeguard are his teachers, his trainers, his coaches, and the institutional effort, equipment and team that enable him to perform his life saving act. He is able to do what he can because of those who enabled and supported him.
I find myself in that position today. Behind me are the past office bearers, my teachers, and my inspiration that have led me to stand before you today.
I am imbued by the ideals of selfless service, of respect for our members and an honest intent to serve our association and society. I am empowered with a team that will help you discharge your mission as life savers in a manner that is empowered.

I am here to Build bridges and bridge chasms.

I am here to build relationships that will be connect us better. These are the kind of bridges I seek to build. New, better ways to serve you and solve your issues in a manner that is comprehensive.
I am here to bridge chasms that have formed over time between us and our patients, between us and our regulators, and us, between our potential goals and our circumstances.

How do I plan to achieve these goals?

My way of achieving these goals is by being responsive with responsibility.

Let me list out the qualitative changes my team desire and I aim to usher in the coming 365 days.

  • 1) We will work to create a feeling of respect and trust and eliminate any sense of insecurity.
  • 2) We will work to establish an effective, open, and direct communication with all our fellow members.
  • 3) We will usher in digitization of all our services so that we are available to our members anytime, anywhere
  • 4) We will work towards offering cashless services to all.
  • 5) We will work towards bridge the chasms that has effected the Doctor –Patient relationship
  • 6) We will provide liaising services with licensing and regulatory authorities
  • 7) We will offer all these services in a quick and time bound manner
  • 8) We will develop an effective grievance redressal mechanism and much more.

You will agree that this is not one man’s work. But with my team and with goodwill and support from all of you, we will work towards a better future for us all.

I believe that the incoming team is perhaps the best team that one can work with.

In them I have found fellow crusaders who are trustworthy, hardworking, committed, transparent and completely loyal to our organization.

I therefore request you to bless this team with your trust, and faith.

With your blessings and support and the dedication of my team, I believe:

Man mein hai vishwas, pura hai vishwas,
Hum honge kaamyaab.

Together, we can be the change we want to see in our world.

Change is what we can do as individuals; transformation is what we can usher in together.

There is this saying that everyone is familiar with – behind every successful man is a woman.
Well, I think of it a little differently – I believe that behind every successful person and endeavor there are enablers. And enablers can be from both genders!

So, let me begin by expressing my heartfelt thanks to my enablers, i.e. academic partners of the programs of the AMC for the year 2018-2019,
My sincere thanks to our two Platinum partners SMS Wellness service & Finnovate. that have supported our endeavors
Our Silver academic partners
Abott Pharma
Care Soft the Software Company
& Bronze academic partner

Many thanks also to the Association of Medical Consultants trust-board who have assured us of support to the extent of Rs. 14.63 lakhs as an advance fund for this Presidential Year to me.
To each one of you, my enablers I promise to transform your support into a successful year working to actualize the vision and mission of our Association while delivering exemplary support to our members.

Dear friends, we begin the year with a sponsorship kitty of Rs. 70 lakhs, which we intend to increase it over the year to a total of Rs. 1 Crore!

Next I would like to share with all of you some of the initiatives that we are proposing to take forward this year.

  • 1) We have with us freebies from First Choice, Mahindra and Bharati AXA, get your car pampered.
  • 2) We are also initiating an AMC Connect programs in each of the 8 zones of Mumbai. Over the year we plan 40 AMC connect programs
  • 3) Now for something for those amongst us who enjoy an evening tipple! Abbott Pharma has come up with a good initiative by offering Fibro Scan- which measures the elasticity index of the liver, to monitor its condition. The detailed program for this initiative will be finalized soon and I will inform you of the specifics.
  • 4) It is also heartwarming to know that Dr. Vikas Agarwal our own very well known ENT specialist has consented to do free sleep apnea studies through out the year. Considering that each such study costs between 7 &10 thousand rupees, it is a grand gesture on his part. All these studies can be undertaken with a prior appointment – completely free of cost. As an AMC initiative, he has also got a technician who would be charging Rs. 1500 to do house visits.
  • 5) AMC would also like to associate and partner with Doctors who are working in NGO’s or who run NGO’s of their own.As part of our AMC initiative I would like to work with and contribute towards each and every NGO that is offering genuine service.
  • 6) We have also roped in Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors and have taken the initiative to involve youngsters by conducting a youth drive for memberships.
  • 7) We also plan to have workshops for nurses and CPR training thorough the Network of Association of Hospitals.
  • 8) DY Patil hospital Dr. Shirish Patil & Dr. Sippy has kindly consented to conduct simulation awareness workshops at a very economical rate for different faculties.
  • 9) We are also planning a detailed membership drive to connect with all the corporates through networking initiatives.
  • 10) We have also planned a Big Doctor’s day celebration with a Blood Donation drive, a communication skill workshop and a technological conference, a wealth conference and another for senior Citizens., IT conference, Sexology conference & many more connects.
  • 11) We are also planning to releasing a Souvenir under the aegis of AMC . This will be a one of its kind Souvenir in the 47-year history of AMC.
  • 12) During the year I will also be personally visiting each of the 8 Zones and the programs for these visits are already made with the venue and the speakers having been decided.
  • 13) We plan one Brain Storming session with stake holders, 6 stimulation workshops with DY Patil universities.

So indeed, it will be an action packed New Year, offering us many opportunities to meet, learn from each other, and strengthen our association.
As your president I will be working towards our Association goals and to solve problems and issues of our members through out the year, with a passion that comes from the joy of serving.

I commend to you all the programs and initiatives that we have planned and seek your support, blessings, and goodwill in making these initiatives successful and meaningful.

I had the best year of my life in AMC as the President Elect of AMC. I can promise that I will reciprocate the same respect & zeal, may I add interest also in a lighter note that would be my continued loyalty to AMC with more hard work & zeal & enthusiasm.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity you grant me to serve our Association.

Let me end with my thought:
Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

*उम्मीदें तैरती रहती हैं*,
*कश्तीयां डूब जाती है..!!*
*कुछ घर सलामत रहते हैं,*
*आँधियाँ जब भी आती है..!!*
*बचा ले जो हर तूफां से,*
*उसे “आस” कहते हैं…!!*
*बड़ा मज़बूत है ये धागा*
*जिसे “विश्वास” कहते है…!!*

Once again, thank you for the opportunity you grant me to serve our Association.

Thank you.

Dr. Mukesh Gupta
President AMC