Dear AMC ites

It is with great humility and sense of responsibility that I join as one of the youngest president of this prestigious and proactive organisation with a rich history to help the medical fraternity.

The actions of past presidents and seniors in the organisation have changed the history of practice in a medical Consultants professional life. Many of us aware but some of us unfortunately not realising ; like many in the generations born after freedom not able to fathom the benefits of breathing free.

When I joined as an enthusiast and then a very young committee member, almost a decade and a half back , many well wishers doubted my decision to invest ( some felt waste) my time and attention in medical associations . My journey to presidentship gave me opportunities to learn and be groomed into what I am today. Just observing the elite group of intellectuals deliberating meticulously on the relevant issues of the then days and learning to ignore the irrelevant banters, helped me into learning the art of steering into appropriate decision making.

This is a reason I sincerely appeal to the several enthusiast to proactively participate and contribute to the larger and impactful causes in areas like :

  • Welfare of Medical fraternity
  • Enhancing Doctor – patient relationship
  • Relevant issues for society at large

These are some of the ideas on which we prose to work on :


We propose this year to create a mission to identify, provide appropriate opportunity and support relevant causes in a form of campaign
20-20 by 2020‘ ….. 20 champions for 20 causes by 2020.

Like the modern trend of start up culture, creating incubators and accelerators, AMC proposes to pick up these relevant social activism and create legacies for the fraternity like we did when we supported the cause of Noise Pollution.

This will help create a pipeline of next generation leaders and platform for the senior members to enthusiastically pursue their passionate causes.

Call for Action:

Please send in your application for the cause in format:

  • Cause you wish to pursue:
  • Proposed Beneficiaries:
  • Concept of implementation:
  • Financial planning:
  • Suggestions for long term:

Since the very dawn of the rhetoric it has always been debated that good oratory and presentation is a dangerous art. Philosopher Plato also probably believed that a skilful speaker can easily mislead the common people , which we have seen many a times from outcome of elections. In this era of connectivity and social media, it is not only easy to reach out but also our responsibility and moral obligation that reliable and technically sound information on healthcare is available to masses. Presently more of uneducated financially interested but socially savvy portals are luring click happy gullible ignorant patients and families. Access to inappropriate and wrongful information which is not only detrimental for healthcare but also dangerous to individuals. Hence the following:


AMC Med Talks

We are proposing to work on creation of AMC regulated platform for short talks by experts in the field on two formats- for public and private viewing. The themes could be

  • Patient Education
  • What’s new in the subject
  • Non Technical Skills for Healthcare Professionals
  • Future directions in the healthcare space
  • Tips on ‘How I practice’

Call for action:

Kindly volunteer to help in this project by coordinating and creating lists and format

  • 1. Theme of topic
  • 2. Target Audience
  • 3. Abstract or list of issues to be covered in the talk
  • 4. Script for technical approval/ can be a rough draft/ audio note or a recorded video
  • 5. Disclaimer of interest as relevant under MCI norms

Besides this we have planned 5 major events in the year:

1-Doctors Day Celebrations- with the Institute of Chartered Accountants on 30 th June at RangSharda Hall. This will be followed by various camps in the city on Blood Donation, organ donation awareness and various other relevant activities.

2-Leadership Conclave: in August End.A brainstorming session with various healthcare stakeholders in a Round table meet format to come out with relevant resolutions on the subject of interest leading to submissions to relevant authorities.

3-AMC Moneycon: Discussions and guidance from financial and health economy experts on themes relevant to finances for doctors in Beginning, middle of practice years and around retirement of practice.

4-AMCON : Our flagship historic annual conference which has seen star speakers and who’s who of society….over the years.

2 nd week Feb 2020, Thakur Auditorium, Kandivali, 5 th in the series with TIMSCDR, with hands on training workshop in the Computer Lab to help Doctors keep pace with technology.

Loooking forward for your active suggestions and participation.

Thank you.

Dr. Mukesh Gupta
AMC, Mumbai