Dear AMCites,

As I take over the reins of Presidentship of AMC ( Association of Medical Consultants) in these difficult times, I wish to thank all those health care workers who have risen to the occasion and are working against all odds during this pandemic.

We are DOCTORS and our primary duty is to SERVE.

Association of Medical Consultants is not only an association but as it’s name suggests is an Association with a Mission and Commitment.

Today our members are in the forefront treating the patients, helping the government, the Maharashtra Medical Association along with various Associations which are contributing immensely in these testing times like the IMA and various Speciality Associations

We have got over the bubonic plague, the Spanish flu and The H1N1
We shall get over this too.

The issues close to my heart most is unity among Doctors and Issues faced by them.

For that we need our members to be proactive.

We need our members to come forward when our medical fraternity is affected and not just when your house is on fire.

While we appreciate your advice, we cannot work alone to make a difference. We need you all standing by our side on ground level.

We need to beware of “Medical Jostling”. It not only puts you down as unethical for your comments but also degrades the image of doctors in general.

Any wrong, please write a complain to the association. We shall look into it.

Any wrong advertisements please send us the details.

We request our colleagues working in government and corporates to take an ethical stand while making policies dealing with doctors.

We are the biggest organization of consultants and our members control nearly 90% of hospitalized health care in Mumbai.

Our unity is our strength when we deal with the government or insurance sector.

We shall stand by all doctors who do good and ethical work.

We pray to achieve for our members a safe and passionate environment to work in.

We shall fight against wrong portrayal of doctors by the Government and social media.

We shall argue against all Notifications, laws and acts which are harmful to the Health care system in the long run.

For this we shall need everyone’s help, guidance, support and vision to take it ahead.

With the blessings of God and our Elders and the dedication of my fellow colleagues we shall achieve this.

Your President
Dr. Deepak Baid