Dear Members,

Greetings from AMC and Welcome to the Website of Association of Medical Consultants. First of all I thank our President Dr.Smita Sharma for giving me an opportunity to be an Editor of AMC’s Website.

This website is designed in such a way that our members will find it very easy and convenient in surfing this site.

Since its inception, the website has periodically been updated and modified to give all the latest information to all AMC members.

We have tried to upload past information and current events of the association as well as the details of all our schemes such as Health insurance, Professional indemnity ,CBS and so on.

Medico-Legal Cell is our USP and this Cell gives guidance and help to all the members in their crisis 24×7.

An online payment portal and a fully functional interactive mobile application are available now to all our Members. The online version of our Grasp Magazine is also available on this website.

Last but not the least we value your suggestions and ideas for the better modifications and making this site member friendly.

Dr. Ashok Shukla – Website Editor.