Dos & Don’ts for Covid -19 Viral Infection  

​1. Do not panic! 

    Fatality from Corona virus infection is 2-3%. That too, in persons having low immunity &
    having other illnesses. We have always had cold in past due to various group of viruses and got
    cured too, so be positive.

2. If you have cold;
   a) Get it treated immediately & get a Medical opinion.
   b) Cover ur mouth while sneezing, coughing. Use a hanky rather than tissue (for
        disposal issues). Do not share food, etc to others unless u wash ur hands. 
   c) Use mask while in public places. Preferably, stay at home.

3. Avoid luxury travelling
    whether domestic or weekend short trips/ picnics in general. In fact avoid crowded places like malls, theaters etc        if u are not well.

4. Eat well, preferably vegetarian & freshly cooked home food. Drink good amount of liquids.
     Do Not eat stale food.

5. WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY with soap water or sanitiser & avoid touching eye,
     nose & mouth with unwashed hands. Every surface u touch is always having multiple germs. In
     the current scenario, take care of avoiding contact with any sources by Washing ur hands. Not
     to mention, do strictly follow personal hygiene.

6. Use mask while commuting in public transport. Maintain a distance from persons having
     cold/ sneeze & cover ur face. 
     If using cabs, try to keep minimum contact with d seat covers or door handles. Carry a sanitiser
     all the times to clean ur hands. Mobiles are a rich source of germs. Use speakers preferably &
    avoid keeping ur mobiles over unknown surfaces.

7. Do Not Fall prey to fake advisories & do not forward unauthorised information that could
    add to the existing fear. 
    Overall, Stay Informed, Be Alert and Deal with this "virus fear" wisely.


    Dr Sujata Rao, 
    Past President-AMC
    ENT Specialist, 
    Kandivali (East).