Professional Indemnity

Tailor Made Unique Professional Indemnity Policy with

The Oriental Insurance Company Limited

Exclusively for AMC Members

Some More Advantages :

  • Cases in Maharashtra Medical Council covered.
  • Cases in National Human Rights Commission covered.
  • Cases in Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commissions covered.
  • Defence costs for Criminal cases arising out of Medical accidents, mishaps operative deaths etc will be covered for the 1st time ever.
  • Provision in memorandum of understanding for compromised settlement
  • Cashless Service for payment to Advocates as per agreed schedule (This is a special schedule which is 200% higher as compared to normal schedule of Advocate fees)
  • Cases to be handled by Legal Experts in Medico negligence cases and not by any Advocate on panel of Insurance Company.
  • Cosmetic Procedure and Cosmetic Surgery cases of medical negligence covered at extra premium.
  • Retroactive date of old policy will continue if policy is renewed in time.
  • If policy is renewed late but within 6 months of expiry, retroactive date will be restored on payment of 25% of basic premium.
  • Expenses for Doctor’s travel by air + stay for visit to New Delhi for Evidence in National Commission covered.
  • No loading on existing premium.

Besides the above, there are many other advantages in the MOU signed by AMC with “The Oriental Insurance Company Limited”.

For any clarification, please contact any AMC Agent or AMC office.

Dr. Vipin Checker
President - AMC

From 2018 -2019

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  • We all know the crucial importance of maintaining good patient records. Accurate and accessible patient records can become a boon and an asset in the event of patient allegations of any kind. Good records can be your best defence against any malpractice action.
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    • Dear Members,
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