The AMC – Anti Noise Pollution Cell has been creating awareness about Noise Pollution and its hazards on health in the society for many years now. We work in coordination with Ms Sumaira Abdulali (Awaaz foundation) and Mr. Sudhir Badami and a number of groups from different cities with a substantial success in making our voice heard amongst the citizens as well as the Police personnel. We believe that if a Doctor spreads this message to his/her community, the message that “NOISE IS A POLLUTANT and NOT Celebration” will reach the masses sooner & better.

We request you to forward the attachments in your areas, your respective local/regional bodies and organisations and school, colleges.

Dr Yeshwant Oke,
Dr P N Rao
Dr Sujata Rao


Bursting and lighting of crackers creates tremendous noise and air pollution. Noise pollution increases blood pressure and allied illnesses like heart attacks and strokes. it causes deafness. Babies and small children may lose their hearing for ever.

Air pollution causes great harm to respiratory system. Children and adults with asthma, bronchitis etc become very ill. Some of them could even go into respiratory failure resulting in loss of life.

Chances of accidents due to fire increase and there could be loss of vision, limb or life. Fire cracker industry employs and uses lot of child labour. This is grave injustice to children.

I personally will not light or burst the fire crackers. Instead I will save that money for helping poor children. I will convey this message to my parents and all my friends.

– Marathi Vidnyan Parishad & Association of Medical Consultants, Mumbai