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As I take over the mantle of President ship with my new team of 2017-18, I realize the enormity of the responsibility that comes with this job.

AMC is the organization you all look to for a sense of belonging as well as in times on need or difficulty. We have always endeavored to live up to that. I reach out to you all to come together as often as we can. I sincerely wish that we will have more occasions to come together for celebrations rather than for problems. The first two occasions I invite you to are

1) 14th May- a program on Simulated learning at Bombay Hospital and 2) Doctors Day Celebration on 1st and 2nd July. This Doctors day let us do our bit to reach out to the community. We plan to have hold an exhibition with the theme " AMC Public Health Awareness Exhibition" We will make posters on common health problems that the public faces. It will be an educative initiative. Along with this we will release a booklet that will help "Bridge the gap" between the doctor and the patient.

Much is being said and written about Violent attacks on Doctors. For now matters are settled and there seems to be some mechanisms in place at public hospitals at least. We at AMC had the anticipation and vision to protect our members. Hence we have signed up with Topsline security services 2 years ago. We offer it as an add-on feature to the Professional Indemnity members and the service is available to all. I urge you all to keep the contact numbers handy. We will also soon release a violence incident reporting form

Recently the prescription of generic drugs have created a lot of confusion in our minds. AMC has written to both the Health Ministry and the Medical Council of India. We have brought out the issues that I am sure bother all of you.

As the year unfolds I will be in regular touch with you. Also please feel free to write or just make one phone call to discuss any problems or give us your valuable suggestions.

Warm regards,
Dr Smita Sharma

Dr Smita Sharma
President - Amc

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  • Formed to offer assistance to its members in traumatic times of legal battles.
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  • Following the intervention by this Cell of the Association, many members have had their faulty equipments
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The Association of Medical Consultants - Mumbai or AMC as it is popularly known, was established in 1972 by a small group of energetic active and concerned medical consultants from distant suburbs who often assembled and animatedly discussed their common problems.

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  • We all know the crucial importance of maintaining good patient records. Accurate and accessible patient records can become a boon and an asset in the event of patient allegations of any kind. Good records can be your best defence against any malpractice action.
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    • Dear Members,
    • Greetings from AMC and Welcome to the Website of Association of Medical Consultants.
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