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Annual General Meeting   Posted On : 29-Feb-2012
AMC Election   Posted On : 29-Feb-2012

Dr Smita Sharma
President - Amc

From 2017 -2018

AMC Medico
  • Formed to offer assistance to its members in traumatic times of legal battles.
Doctor Consumer
  • Following the intervention by this Cell of the Association, many members have had their faulty equipments
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  • Dear Members,
    Greetings from AMC and Welcome to the Website of Association of Medical Consultants.
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SINCE 1972

The Association of Medical Consultants - Mumbai or AMC as it is popularly known, was established in 1972 by a small group of energetic active and concerned medical consultants from distant suburbs who often assembled and animatedly discussed their common problems.

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  • We all know the crucial importance of maintaining good patient records. Accurate and accessible patient records can become a boon and an asset in the event of patient allegations of any kind. Good records can be your best defence against any malpractice action.
    • Dear Members,
    • Greetings from AMC and Welcome to the Website of Association of Medical Consultants.
    ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA......... ZNMD @Dr. Rajendra Chawan