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Annual General Meeting   Posted On : 29-Feb-2012
AMC Election   Posted On : 29-Feb-2012

Dr Smita Sharma
President - Amc

From 2017 -2018

AMC Medico
  • Formed to offer assistance to its members in traumatic times of legal battles.
Doctor Consumer
  • Following the intervention by this Cell of the Association, many members have had their faulty equipments
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  • Dear Members,
    Greetings from AMC and Welcome to the Website of Association of Medical Consultants.
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SINCE 1972

The Association of Medical Consultants - Mumbai or AMC as it is popularly known, was established in 1972 by a small group of energetic active and concerned medical consultants from distant suburbs who often assembled and animatedly discussed their common problems.

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  • We all know the crucial importance of maintaining good patient records. Accurate and accessible patient records can become a boon and an asset in the event of patient allegations of any kind. Good records can be your best defence against any malpractice action.
    Warm Wishes to the Association of Medical Consultants
    • Dear Members,
    • Greetings from AMC and Welcome to the Website of Association of Medical Consultants.
    ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA......... ZNMD @Dr. Rajendra Chawan